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Our Freemium Membership provides you with easy-to-consume resources, all in one place, so you can clearly understand if an Opportunity Zone strategy is worth pursuing.

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In 2021, OZworks Group was established to support the OZ industry. We strive to be inclusive by simplifying complex topics and reducing cost barriers. Our goal for consolidating our levels into one paid membership is to create a space where anyone can learn how to benefit from this incentive, without having to join complicated and costly services.


For those curious about OZs and how it works.
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00 per month
  • Private App
  • Online Platform
  • Searchable Libraries
  • Zoom Industry Updates
  • Free Courses & Resources
  • Zoom Networking Sessions

OZ Explorer

For those ready to engage with experts and peers.
$ 39
99 per month
  • Private App
  • Online Platform
  • All FREEMIUM Perks
  • Video Replays of Sessions
  • 3+ Hours of Zooms with Experts
  • OZ Compliance Video Courses
  • 24/7 Q&A Access to Experts

The Best in the Business!

All of our memberships coincide with a long-standing partnership with OZpros. This means that you will have the full support of the best OZ legal team in the country, right inside of the community! 

If you need advanced support NOW please check out our partner OZPros to quickly advance your OZ journey.

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