An Online Community

We Thrive Together

In 2021, OZworks Group was established to support the OZ industry by providing a private, online community for all OZ stakeholders. We facilitate connections, share ideas, and support you in going from OZ beginner to executing and OZ strategy. We strive to be inclusive by simplifying complex topics and reducing cost barriers. Our community is a space where anyone can learn how to benefit from this incentive, without having to join complicated and costly services.

Core Values

As a participant in OZworks Group you can expect to be engaged in the community through defined culture. We ask that all of our members, participants, and colleagues “Lead With a Giving Hand” and align with a set of core values that include;

Engagement – We are present and responsive.

Assistance – We give in response to community needs.

Alignment – We seek organic collaborations.

Accountability – We are responsible for our own words and actions.

Abundance – We are focused on unlimited possibilities.

Openness – We embrace growth, change and new ideas.

Meet the Leadership

Ashley Tison

Co-founder / COO

Ashley Tison is an Opportunity Zone Sherpa – a practicing attorney and experienced entrepreneur responsible for the founding and growth of numerous enterprises across a wide array of industries. As a co-founder of and OZworks Group, LLC, he has built a team who concentrates on helping real estate entrepreneurs, developers, and SMB owners, with current or future capital gains taxes, create a strategy to be able to make investments in Qualified Opportunity Zones that create tax free wealth along with a community impact. 

He is passionate about helping ALL business owners, big or small, be able to harness the value of Opportunity Zones. He has become a highly sought-after expert in the OZ space nationally, while bringing perspective as an entrepreneur, investor, and consultant. The team does the heavy lifting (for a very reasonable price) on establishing the legal framework so that you can easily utilize the tax advantages of Opportunity Zone investing. 

Chris Cooley

Co-founder / CEO

Since 2008, Chris has been a top voice, international speaker, and leader in the global coworking and flexible work industries. He has traveled the world to gain first-hand knowledge of many unique workspace models while co-creating multiple, successful, sustainable flexible workspaces. Chris uses his knack for innovation, background in human design and unique collaborative approach to identify market opportunities while creating customized engagement techniques for specific personnel and target demographics. 

He is currently a co-owner and lead connector of OZworks Group, LLC, which is a private online network where OZ-aligned individuals connect with resources specific to their Opportunity Zone strategies.

Are You Seriously Exploring OZs?

Consider Joining OZ Explorer

Our OZ Explorer membership is a space where anyone can learn how to benefit from this incentive, without having to join complicated and costly services.

The Benefits of Joining OZ Explorer:

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to understand 
  • Clear and specific guidance
  • No long-term commitments

The Features You’ll Access with an OZ Explorer Membership:

  • A Suite of Best Practices Resources and tools
  • Members-Only Compliance Courses on Setting Up OZ Strategies
  • 3+ Hours of Monthly, “Ask the OZ Expert” Zoom Sessions
  • Zoom Networking to Meet Investors, Deal Sponsors, and Service Providers
  • Total value of $5,000+/month for just $39/month