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Our workshops will provide you with: 

  • 1.5 hours of access to Ashley Tison “The OZ Sherpa”, and a high value guest
  • Tax savings expertise and strategy that you won’t find ANYwhere else
  • The opportunity to get answers to your specific questions DURING the event

This video is a sneak peak of a previous workshop featuring  high value content you won’t find anywhere else  

Identifying solar investments within Opportunity Zones could allow you to double dip on tax benefits.

Those familiar with OZs know the incentive of deferring your tax liability, obtaining a step-up in basis, and then the potential to exclude all your gain in an investment.

 Solar power projects on the other hand come with a tax credit which can allow you to recoup as much as 30% of the solar power system cost.

The OZ incentives and the solar tax credit together make for a powerful benefit for investors!

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Our workshops are LIVE events that will last up to 2 hours. You click a link, and the industry-leading Opportunity Zone expert, Ashley Tison (your OZ Sherpa) will be there with a smile and eager to share his resources, expertise, and tools that you WON’T find anywhere else!

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Tax Savings Topics Simplified in 1.5 Hours!

Tax Savings Expertise and Strategy That You Won’t Find Elsewhere!

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