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What is the Opportunity Zone Accelerator?

  • 3-month, online program.
  • Enhances OZ deals.
  • Increases capital flow to OZ communities.
  • Connects OZ investors, experts, and founders.

In this video, Shawn Hanson (one of the gracious investors in the OZ Accelerator program) discusses why he is participating and how valuable this initiative will be for both Entrepreneurs and Investors who are involved.

The Opportunity Zone Accelerator is a program designed to get you connected to OZ Investors and Educators who will help you build a plan for raising OZ capital while developing your entire business model. 

How Do You Pitch?

1) Receive a Scholarship or pay to participate.

2) Receive exemplary scores in the 12-week program.

3) Score highly and get invited to pitch at the end of the program.

What's the Value?

Refine your deal based on active feedback from Investors, Experts, and Peers.

Warp speed your process through education from national OZ Experts (over $10,000 value).

Build collaborate relationships with people who can support you in making your vision a reality!

12-Weeks of Courses!

1) Opportunity Zone Experts from around the country and will teach 12-weeks of courses.

2) Each teacher will instruct a 2+ hour module with worksheets and assignments to complete.

3) Each module (listed below) will focus on a specific topic and outcome related to raising OZ Capital.

Topic: Setting the Stage & Program Overview + Using Platform

Outcome: Materials uploaded to interactive feedback software

Topic: What are Investors Looking For & Identifying Gaps

Outcome: Initial Evaluations of all Projects in Pitch Track (Set a Baseline)

Topic: Designing Your Deal to Receive OZ Funding + Social Impact

Outcome: Have an OZ Strategy Created and Mapped Out

Topic: Presenting a Compelling Market Opportunity + Social Impact

Outcome: Develop and Revise Market Analysis Documents & Data

Topic: Building a Team and the Importance of Initial Investment Commitments

Outcome: Determine Proper Team, Needs, and Strengths

Topic: Planning for Scale and Presenting Proper Financial Projections

Outcome: Develop and Revise Financial (WCSH) Documents & Models

Topic: Telling Your Story with Truth, Data, Enthusiasm, and Differentiation

Outcome: Defining Authentic Purpose, Mission, Solution, and Core Values

Topic: Recalibrating, Pivoting, and Revising Your Project and Materials

Outcome: Evaluate Additional Projects and Address Comments

Topic: Presentation Skills, Understanding the Funding Process, & Investor Mindset

Outcome: Networking (Investors and Issuers Meet)

Topic: Making a Deal and What Questions to Expect

Outcome: Answer peer and investor Questions + Pitch Practice

Topic: Getting in Front of Investors, Being Visible, and Marketing Your Deal

Outcome: Highest scores prep to present, others begin listing other places

Topic: Pitches and Breakout Room Party

Outcome: Deals Discussions are initiated + Networking

Who's Involved?

Advisors (see below) will moderate communication between you, the investors, the instructors, and your peers!

Meet the Advisors

Chris Cooley

CEO, OZworks Group » Rochester, NY

Emily Britton-Arnold

COO, OZworks Group » Peoria, IL

DJ Lampitt

Impact Entrepreneur » Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

Veronica Montalvo

Principal, VMA Realty » San Juan, Puerto Rico

Zahn Patin

CEO, The Wonder Group » Charlotte, NC

Meet the Teachers

Every Week you will be taught by a different Industry Leader (below)!

Stacy Cumberbatch

Los Angeles, CA

Gordon Goldie

Auburn Hills, MI

Emily Lavery

Washington, D.C.

Ashley Tison

Charlotte, NC

Maria de los A. Rivera

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Shawn Hanson

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Jill Homan

Clayton, NC

Thomas Kehler

Half Moon Bay, CA

Amanda Steele

Raleigh, NC

Susan Springsteen

Coatesville, PA

Matan Magril

New York, NY

Andrew Doup

Columbus, OH

Koti Reddy

San Francisco, CA

John Vachon

Nashville, TN

Brett Siglin

Phoenix, AZ

How Do You Participate?

There are three ways to participate in the accelerator and each “way in” comes with a slightly different set of features.


Apply to be considered to participate for free!
$ 00
  • OZworks Group BASE Membership
  • Guaranteed Accelerator Access
  • Team Access to Accelerator (up to 3)
  • Can View Accelerator Deals
  • Can Evaluate Accelerator Deals
  • Can List Accelerator Deals
  • Guaranteed Introduction to Investors
  • Invitation to Attend Pitch Summit
  • Opportunity to Pitch to Investors

Accelerator Participant

Get ALL the perks!
$ 1,300
  • OZworks Group BASE Membership
  • Guaranteed Accelerator Access
  • Team Access to Accelerator (up to 3)
  • Can View Accelerator Deals
  • Can Evaluate Accelerator Deals
  • Can List Accelerator Deals
  • Guaranteed Introduction to Investors
  • Invitation to Attend Pitch Summit
  • Opportunity to Pitch to Investors

Additional Terms — >> is included if scores meet exemplary thresholds set by advisory committee (based on 12-week module participation).


Terms for Scholarship — Scholarships for Cohort 2 are only available until May 31st, 2023. Not all applications will be accepted. Our advisory committee will review applications and recipients will be announced in July. All applicants will receive FREE access to OZworks Group BASE Membership for a limited time. — * is included if applicant is accepted into Accelerator.


Susan Springsteen (President of H2O Connected — Coatesville, Pennsylvania) discusses the value of the Opportunity Zone Accelerator and importance of OZ education.


DJ Lampitt (a leader in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Puerto Rico) describes how Opportunity Zones can be a conduit for capital flow.


Why are investors participating in the Opportunity Zone Accelerator program? Shawn Hanson (OZ Accelerator Investor) explains why he has committed to OZs.

Scholarship Applications Are Closed

Learn how to receive OZ investment and earn an opportunity to pitch to investors!

Applications for Scholarships Have Ended — If you'd still like to participate in the Accelerator please choose a payment option.

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