Opportunity Zone (OZ) Pitch Track Program

An affordable, online, community program to help you refine your pitch while connecting you with OZ capital!

Do you have an OZ pitch that you’d like like to get funding and feedback on before the end of this year?

If so, the OZ pitch track is for you! Join OZworks Group before the end of the year and you be able to list your project on our new “OZ Pitch Track” platform for less than $100.

Why did we create the OZ Pitch Track?

We are “Leveling the OZ playing field”  by providing an affordable way for your small and medium-sized OZ project and/or fund to fast-track OZ capital raising and investment opportunities.

OZ Pitch Track Benefits

Save Time and Money

Confirm your pitch is ready for funding before paying listing fees.

Gain Crucial Guidance

Get direct feedback from industry pros, investors and peers about what to adjust in your pitch.

We Put YOU in Control

Choose from a variety of capital options that best fit your needs.

Multiple Funding Sources

You will be introduced to different options including regulation crowd funding, individual investors, QOFs, grants, and more!

Quickly Access Input and Capital

You will be guaranteed an opportunity to get feedback and introductions to capital resources.


  1. ALL OZworks Group members have the option to list one project without any additional cost.
  2. ALL participants will gain pitch experience (by presenting live and/or via video).
  3. Pitches that receive a pre-determined “investability” score and a required number of feedback inputs (through our ranking platform) will be invited to participate in our live “Pitch Fair” event in January.

How to Participate:

  1. Join our community for 2 months to access the OZ Pitch Track program for $100 (retail $750).
  2. Take our OZ Pitch Track instructional video course.
  3. Get your pitch materials, uploaded and reviewed by OZ stakeholders.
  4. Join optional, weekly sessions to ask questions and connect with people who can guide and support you.
  5. Meet the minimum requirements and be invited to present at our next live, showcase event.


  1. Anyone who is listed as an owner of your project must become a member of OZworks Group.
  2. You must be willing to provide feedback on at least 5 other pitches.
  3. We ask that all participants complete an on-boarding and program completion survey.

Sign up now!

You can now join on a rolling basis!
that's The OZ Pitch Track is open for all OZ projects, anytime.

For less than $100 you can access this program by becoming a member of OZworks Group.