OZ Compliance Workshop

 If you created an Opportunity Zone Fund (QOF) or Business (QOZB), you know maintaining IRS and SEC compliance is REQUIRED! During this 1.5 Hour, Live, Interactive Workshop you will take your first steps toward confidently managing and maintaining your Opportunity Zone Compliance!

This is a LIVE event with Ashley Tison where we will walk you through proper OZ compliance for Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds (QOF) and Qualified Opportunity Zone Businesses (QOZB). You will receive Worksheets to work on as we review them and can ask questions in a chat feature. This is a $800+ value for just $99.99!

Why Attend This Workshop?

This workshop will provide you with: 

  • OZ tools you can use to maintain your compliance (these are typically ONLY offered to OZ Pros clients for $800+), 
  • A LIVE tutorial on how to use OZpros tools to maintain OZ compliance requirements, 
  • An opportunity to ask specific OZ compliance questions DURING the event.

Content to Support Your Next OZ Steps

This is a live look inside the OZPros Compliance Bootcamp program which is a monthly subscription of weekly, 90-minute group calls at 10:00 AM EST every Tuesday. We will also be offering a one-time discount to the OZPros Compliance Bootcamp to people who attend this event.

Register for the Workshop for just $99.99 (this is an $800+ value)!

What Will You Get?

OZ Compliance Topics Simplified in 1.5 Hours!

FREE (Included) Tools for Maintaining Compliance of your QOF & QOZB.

An Interactive, Guided Tutorial on How to Use the OZ Compliance Checklist Tools Provided.

Answers to Compliance Questions Specific to Your QOF & QOZB.

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Compliance is mandatory and this workshop will give you comfort, knowing your Opportunity Zone Compliance is in order!

Chris Cooley (co-founder of OZworks Group) recently went live on the OZworks Group platform to talk about this workshop and why we created it.

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